Saturday, September 22, 2001

Hello from Anchorage, Alaska!


Start time: 1030

Start odometer: 13771

Weather: Mostly cloudy day, temp at 46 degrees, temperature 46 F.



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Anchorage from Flattop Mountain.

Another look towards Anchorage.

Downtown Anchorage, looking west.

Looking east along the same street.

Fourth Avenue in front of the Anchorage Visitor Center.

This is the east side of the Anchorage Visitor Center, where I met Mary Ann and Elliot.  Thanks for your great assistance!

Mileage post

The west side of the visitor center.  I liked the sod roof!

Catty-corner from the visitor center is the Alaska Public Lands Information Center.  They had interesting displays, information, and movies about the state.  I visited this place when I was in Anchorage in 1989.


Routes traveled today: Anchorage streets

Hotel: Northern Lights Inn -


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