Monday, September 17, 2001

Hello from Anchorage, Alaska!


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The bore tide was to be the best of the year this afternoon, so Cheryl and her friend Chris went with me to a trail they felt would give an interesting view of the tide.

My friend Cheryl, who I met with her husband Guy in British Columbia.  Unfortunately Guy had to work and could not join us.  It was so nice to have met them, and then visit them in Anchorage.

Chris and a friend of hers.

Cheryl offered to take a picture of my with Turnagain Arm in the background.  Like the Fairbanks haircut?

We found a really nice spot to view the inlet.

The tide can seen beginning to arrive.

We were a nice distance above the Seward Highway.

More signs of the arriving tide.

Great views as the water began its dance.

This was a very interesting phenomenon to experience.

A small whirlpool was generated here.

This was a waterfall along the trail back to the cars.


Routes traveled today: Anchorage roads, Ak 1

Hotel: Northern Lights Hotel -


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