Saturday, September 15, 2001

Hello from Anchorage, Alaska!


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The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club was having their Hamfest on the Saturday after my arrival, so I stopped by to take a look.  Here, a demonstration of Ham Radio satellite communications is in progress.  We spoke with several other hams, including one from Utah.

This the the club mobile emergency communication vehicle.

This is a view of the trading area.

My next visit was the the Anchorage Native Heritage Center.

I participated in the blanket toss demonstration by being one the people on the blanket.  We were able to launch some of the participants rather high into the air.  I learned it is more work than I realized, but much fun!

Dancing demonstrations were given on the main stage in the Center.

Surrounding the lake on the property were examples of native housing and living.  This panel describes the "Long House" in the next picture.

The "Long House"

Another example of native housing, this place had a tunnel out of the side that can be seen to the left of the entrance.

This was taken at the far end of the lake, looking back at the Heritage Center.

This panel describes the next picture, the "Winter House."

All of the homes had natives to provide information and tell stories.  This gentleman told a wonderful story.

Another building description.

This panel offers information about the "Women's Family House" seen in the next frame.

The "Women's Family House" with a person in front to give a better perspective of size.

Information about Athabasacn Family lodges and cabins.

Several groups got together for this performance witch was broadcasted live on Anchorage radio, as well as a station in Kentucky.


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