Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Hello from Palmer, Alaska!


Start time: 0945

Start odometer: 12475

Weather: Mostly sunny, Temperature 46 degrees F.



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The Talkeetna Ranger Station for Denali National Park and Preserve is where hikers go to get information and sign up to attempt a climb up Mount Denali.

Inside, Ranger Maureen was very helpful in providing information about a climb up the mountain.

Some interesting notes about Mount McKinley/Denali.

My next visit was to the Talkeetna Museum.  They had a rather interesting and eclectic collection on hand which I enjoyed.

A gift shop near the museum.

"Main Street" Talkeetna

One of their welcome signs!

 I had dinner here last night at the West Rib.

The Talkeetna Airport (TKA).  No activity today.

My next stop was Palmer.  This is the town Visitor Center.  I stopped short of Anchorage as I had heard many hotels were booked up due to the flight cancellations.  My hotel in Palmer had stranded passengers.

This mileage post was next to the visitor center.

I had to get a picture of the listing for Augusta Maine, 4826 miles away!

I saw this interesting spider near the post.





Routes traveled today: Parks Highway

Hotel: Gold Miner's Hotel -


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