Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Hello from Talkeetna, Alaska!


Start time: 0815

Start odometer: 12269

Weather: Sunny, temperature 36




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 A morning view from my lodging.

I stopped at an overlook enroute to the Denali National Park and Preserve.  This panel describes the park and some of the animals in the area.

I stopped by the morning sled dog show in the park.

The Ranger giving the demonstration can be seen as the sled re-enters the arena from a quick trip on a short trail.

Always have to get the entrance signs!

I drove to the end of the public access part of the park road and hiked along a tributary to the Savage River.

More pretty scenery everywhere I looked.

The Savage River fooling with my exposure!

It was difficult to think about what happened this morning, in contrast to looking around to see all that was surrounding me here.

At the west (far) end of the bridge is the gate where the public access to the road is terminated.

Another incredible view of Mount Denali!

This panel describing the view was at the overlook where I took the previous picture.

One more picture of the view from the overlook.

The Denali National Park and Preserve Visitor Center.  A new one was to be built after this season.

I thought this recreational vehicle was interesting!

This view of Mount Denali was from the Parks Highway as I headed south.

I enjoyed my drive along this road.

Some information about Denali. "The Great One".

One last look at Mount Denali.





Routes traveled today: Park Highway

Hotel: Talkeetna Motel -


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