Sunday, September 9, 2001

Hello from Savage River Campground, Denali National Park, Alaska!


Start time: 0930

Start odometer: 12093

Weather: Sunny, temperature 30 degrees F.



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This is the front of my cabin in the morning sun.

This was the creek that ran in front of the cabin.

The cabin picnic area.

The mountains across the street from my lodging.  While eating at this restaurant for breakfast, I learned that Wayne Knight had just eaten there.  Mr. Knight is known for his character "Newman" on the Seinfeld sitcom.  He was on a photo shoot in the area.

Looking west from the Parks Highway.

I decided to camp in Denali this evening, so I stopped by the campground early to find a nice spot, Campsite 17.

I went to the sled dog demonstration in the park.  Prior to their presentation, you could walk around the area and meet the dogs.  This dog's name was Beluga.

This is Brooks, no doubt named after my friend in Charlotte!

One of the handlers with their dog.

These puppies were really cute!

Ranger Jessica gave the sled dog demonstration, which included a quick run around a course in the stage area.

These dogs really move fast!

I walked back to the Visitor Center to pick up my car.  Parking is limited where the sled dogs are, so I took a bus to the place.

The quaking aspens were beautiful against the blue sky.

I enjoyed my walk along this trail.

Ranger Pete Peterson gave a very interesting program about animals found in the park.  We also got to see a spectacular display of the alpenglow as the sun set.

This is the view of Mount Denali from the edge of my campsite!  What a wonderful place to spend the evening!


Routes traveled today: AK 3 - Park Road

Hotel: Savage River Campground (inside park) Elevation 2780 feet -


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