Saturday, September 8, 2001

Hello from Denali National Park, Alaska!


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Grizzly bears off the side of the road digging up roots...We got very close, but were protected in the bus.  The bears did not seem to be disturbed by us.

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Caribou and moose...Many caribou, 6 moose seen today

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Different views of Mount McKinley, aka Mount Denali (morning haze and clouds cleared by early afternoon)

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This morning I was greeted by frost on the windows!

Heading north on the Parks Highway towards Denali National Park and Preserve.

After stopping by the main Denali National Park and Preserve Visitor Center, I boarded my bus to tour the park.  We stopped first at Savage River.  And the views got better and better!

A view of another river in the park.

The white specks in the center-right part of the picture are mountain sheep.

A view of Mount Denali.

Mount Denali provided for many dramatic views.

The group from my bus trip stretching our legs.

The colors of the tundra were absolutely beautiful!  And I had no problems with bugs.

A trail led to a very nice overlook.

More caribou in the distance.

Denali!  Spectacular!

The same view as the previous picture, without the telephoto lens.

From the Eielson Visitor Center in the park, someone built a miniature snowman, with Denali in the background.

One last look at the Eielson Visitor Center as board the bus to head west to Wonder Lake.

A moose seen in the brush.

Wonder Lake.  Sometime I would like to go back and camp there.

A look towards Denali from Wonder Lake.

Plants near the lake.

A moose amongst the fall colors.

Many more wonderful views were seen on our return through the park.

One last look at Mount Denali.

Our bus at one of the last stops.

More caribou along the road.

The lower sun angle provided for a different view than seen in the morning.



Routes traveled today: AK 3 - Park Road

Hotel: McKinley Creekside Cabins -


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