Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Hello from Fairbanks, Alaska!


Start time: 0915

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Information about the "Tanana Valley Natives and the Gold Rush."  I saw quite a few of these panels along the road.

Here I am in Delta Junction at the end of the Alaska Highway.  Some say it continues to Fairbanks.

This panel describes the devices, called "pigs," used to test the pipeline.

A picture of a "pig."

Information on the Alaska Highway.

Size references of the pipelines used in the region.

The monument to the end of the highway.

Looking the opposite direction of the previous picture, this shows the Alaska Highway Visitor Information Center.

the transition between the Richardson and Alaska Highway.

I stopped by the Sullivan Roadhouse, across the parking lot from the Visitor Center.

The Sullivan Roadhouse.

Information about the construction of the roadhouse.

This panel describes the original location of the roadhouse.

They had a nice flower display in this dogsled.

Alyeska Pipeline information.

Information about the pipeline bridge seen in the next three pictures.

pipe2.jpg (18669 bytes)

The Tanana River rolling under the Alyeska Pipeline.

The beginning of the bridge.

pipe1.jpg (25351 bytes)

Another look at the bridge.

More information about the gold rush.

In Fairbanks, this is the riverboat Tanana Chief.  It is one of the only authentic sternwheelers in Fairbanks in that it actually uses the wheel to power the boat.  Most of the others use the wheel for show, with other means of propelling the craft.

A view of the upper deck looking towards the bridge.

Many float planes use the river.

An old sternwheeler docked on the river.

This picture shows how the car turns the wheel!

this whole yard was rather interesting.

The Tanana Chief travels along the Chena River, and turns around where the Chena and Tanana Rivers meet.  The mud from the Tanana can be seen mixing with the Chena.

Leaving the Tanana River.

Another interesting building on the river.

This is Sarah C. Hanson.  She provided the entertainment during the evening.  I really enjoyed her performance.


Routes traveled today: AK 2 (Alaska Highway)

Hotel: Comfort Inn -


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