Sunday, September 2, 2001

Hello from Tombstone Campground, Yukon Territory!


Start time: 0915

Start odometer: 11151



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From my campsite, I watched this helicopter take a fifty-five gallon drum of fuel to a needy customer.

Another view from my campsite.

I continued my winding route south.

More fall colour along the road.

The fog was pretty as it hung on the mountaintops.

Colours, mountains, and wet gravel roads with some water filled potholes!

A view from the driver's seat.

I enjoyed the view of this mountainside.  Fall was arriving fast.

Amazing how much dirt I could collect!

Another pretty scene.

This aircraft had just used one of the widened portions of the Dempster Highway.

Many of these plants made for an interesting vista.

Heading towards Tombstone Mountain.

Two more views of the mountains near where I was to camp.  It was not going to be a completely dry night.

Just incredible views!

This is Julie leading a group of us from the campground onto a wonderful trail about five miles north of the campground.

Looking back at the Dempster and the mountains behind it.

Though they cannot be seen, Dall sheep are up on the far hillside.

This was a fantastic hike!

This is the group from the campground.  We had some very knowledgeable people that could identify mush of the plant life along the trail.

A close up of Julie, from the Interpretive Centre.

A poisonous mushroom!





Routes traveled today: YT 5

Hotel: Tombstone Campground -


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