Saturday, August 25, 2001

Hello from Moose Creek Lodge, Y. T.!


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Start odometer: 1300




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Mike Mancini, proprietor of the Keno City Snack Bar.  He was a great guy to talk with about the area and people of the region.

This shot is looking west at the "Silver Trail" as it enters Keno City.

This mural was painted by Lillian Loponan.  I had the fortunate opportunity to meet and speak with Lillian, and got to see her studio.  She had beautiful paintings of the area.

My lodging for the previous evening.

One more look at the exterior of my cabin.

The interior had more amenities than I had anticipated.

Mike, from the museum.

A look southeast into town from in front of Mike Mancini's Snack Bar.

Barely visible is a ski lift tow rope used in the winter.

The city campground

An old bridge leading to a very rough road into the mountains.

One final look at Mike's before my departure.

A panel describing the history of Elsa.

More nice views along the Silver Trail.

This is the Mayo, Yukon Territory airport (YMA).

While in Mayo, I stopped in the Binet House Interpretive Center.

Another exterior view of the museum in Mayo.



Routes traveled today: Yukon Territory 11, YT 2

Hotel: Moose Creek Lodge -


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