Friday, August 17, 2001

Hello from Hinton, Alberta!

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My first stop was the Lake Louise Ski Area lift.

The ski lodge at the base of the ski area.

Lake Louise, in the center-right portion of the picture, as seen from the top of the ski lift.

Information about the view seen in the previous picture.

A wide angle view towards Lake Louise.

A close-up of Lake Louise.  It was quite a wonderful view!

Another view from the ski area.

Information about the fireweed, seen in the next two pictures.


This lift takes you further up the mountain during the ski season.

The ski trail map.

Heading back down the mountain.

This is the lodge near where the ski lift drops off.

The base lodge with the Lake Louise area in the background.

Traveling along the Icefields Parkway, Crawfoot Glacier was west of the road.

A closer view of the Crawfoot Glacier.

Glacier-fed Bow Lake, with a red cabin providing an interesting contrast.

Many waterfalls could be seen along the road, including this glacier-fed one.

A closer view of the previous picture.

Very scenic lakes are also experienced.

A view of the Icefields Parkway.

Athabasca Glacier.  People can be seen walking on it.  I also had the opportunity to walk on it.

A closer look at the glacier.

Further up the glacier, special six-wheeled transports will take people onto the glacier for a tour.

This is a good example of the scraping that occurred when the glacier passed over this rock.

This picture was taken from the glacier, looking back at the parking area.  In the background is the main Visitor Center for the area.  Many interesting and informative displays are available.

Looking back at the glacier from the parking area.

The glacier silt in the river creates the milky look.

Athabasca Falls.

Testing my wide-angle lens near the falls.

Several trails allow the visitor to view the falls from many directions.

The remaining pictures are from the different viewpoints.

This was a very pretty waterfall!


Routes traveled today: Alberta 1 - Ca 93 (Icefields Parkway) - Trans Canada Highway

Hotel: Pines Motel -

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