Thursday, August 16, 2001

Hello from Lake Louise, Alberta!

Start time: 0700

Start odometer: 8164

After spending much time in the sun, I was able to get a decent rate at this motel inside the park.  Plus, knowing the exchange rate will make it even better is comforting.  I was glad, as it was 1715 I did not want to try to hunt for a room later in the evening.

It was a great weather day, though at 46 degrees this morning, it was a little cool.  It was a pleasant drive from Canmore to Banff, and watching the sunshine as it came down the mountainsides of the Rockies reminded me of my travels along Route 395 in California, where I witnessed the same effect the east side of the Sierra Nevada range.  Part of the drive took me onto a limited access highway, so I will up my total mileage on "interstate" highways to 20 miles.

I arrived in Banff before most of the town was awake.  I drove through the town and visited some of the sites suggested by a tourism rep I met in Glacier National Park.  I saw a nice waterfall, interesting hoodoos (like the ones in Bryce,) and some impressive hotels.  After breakfast, I headed to Sulpher Mountain to take a trip to the top in a gondola.  Since it was still early and not busy, I got on immediately, and observed some spectacular scenery.  It sky was clear, and other than a little haze, the view went on for quite a distance.  


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The Fairmont Banff Springs Resort

Hoodoos in Banff.

A view of Banff from the gondola up traveling up sulpher mountain.

A closer look at the town.

A view of the summit building, from a trail to an old weather shack.

The trail along the top of the mountain.

Another view of the town of Banff.

From the same location as the previous picture, looking northwest.

A nice couple offered to take my picture by the old weather building.

The old building that used to house a weather observer.

Back at the gondola summit building, this picture is looking at the old weather building seen in the previous building.

There were many beautiful views from atop sulpher mountain.

I decided to skip the ride down on the gondola and hiked back to the car.  This is one of the supports for the gondola.

Another gondola tower along the trail.

Looking back up the hill.  The trail is just over three miles.

After returning to my car I continued my tour of Banff.  The rivers have a pretty blue hue due to silt as they are runoffs from glaciers.

I visited the Cave and Basin National Historic Site of Canada.

The spring pool inside the cave.

Near Banff, I took a hike to a canyon.  Much of the trail ran along the side of the cliff.

Looking down into the canyon.

Beautiful Lake Louise!  The color (in person) was incredible!

A closer look at the south end of Lake Louise.

A trail led alongside part of the lake.

To get perspective, people can be seen on the rocks.

One final look at Lake Louise.




Routes traveled today: Alberta 1A - Al 1 - Al 1A

Hotel: Mountaineer Lodge - mountaineer1.jpg (16585 bytes)

Gas: .699/liter


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