Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Hello from Canmore, Alberta, Canada!

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The early morning sun shining across eastern Glacier National Park.

Many interesting sites are seen as you travel north towards Canada.

Looking into Glacier National Park in Albert.  This is my first stop in Canada for this leg of the trip.  Unfortunately, I did not see a sign welcoming the traveler into Alberta.  This is my fifth province!

This plaque describes the area in the next picture.

Waterton Lake, part of Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada, with the Rockies in the background.

Some of the peaks in the area had very interesting formations.

This panel describes the "Prairie Tongue"

Another view of an interesting peak.

More beautiful sights seen in the park.

I took a hike on the Red Rock Canyon Trail in the northern section of the park.

Explanation of mud cracks.

The trail provided many scenic views.

A good example of the red rock.

A plaque discussing the Blakiston Valley.

Another view of the park.

The majestic Prince of Wales Hotel can be seen.

I drove into the park village and found Cameron Falls.

Cameron Falls.

Waterton Lakes National Park provides many beautiful scenes.

One last picture from Waterton.

This is an Alberta Historical sign about Sergeant Wilde and Charcoal.

A short history of Pincher Creek.

As suggested by the Canadian Visitor Center in Glacier National Park, I took this special highway, the Kananaskis Trail, aka Route 40, to Canmore.

This is part of the spectacular Kananaskis Country.

Continuing north along the Kananaskis Trail, the scenery was incredible!  The road can be seen at the base of the picture.

More wonderful views from the road.

This panel describes the wildlife sanctuary that follows the road.

All this scenery, and on such a beautiful day!

The story of avalanche tracks.

A closer view of the sign.

This is a close-up of the peak in the next picture.

I would like to return here soon!

The trail sign for the Nakiska Ski Resort.

The ski trails are visible on the mountainside.



Routes traveled today: Montana 49 - US 89 - Mt 17 - Alberta 6 -  Waterton Lakes National Park Roads - Al 6 - Al 3 - Al 22 - Al 541 - Al 40 - Al 1 - Al 1a

Hotel: ABC Motel -


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