Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Hello from East Glacier, Montana!

Start time: 0730

Start odometer: 7615

I spent most of the day in Glacier National Park, and decided to stop a little early (1615)  since I had seen many people in the area today.  I felt lodging might be an issue near the park, and prices would have been higher had I driven another hour to the north.  This is a nice motel, with a friendly owner, and is off the main highway, Route 2.

After a typical start of the day, with beautiful skies and mild morning temperatures, I drove west on Route 2.  The scenery began to change, with more hills and off the the north and south, and as I progressed westward, the Rocky Mountains majestically coming into view.  

Cows, clear water, talking with Mike from north of Chicago, another great day!

Tomorrow I will be in Alberta, Canada.  Hopefully, I will be able to upload my report.  Thank you for visiting....


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This panel discusses the monument in the next frame.

This monument is in honor of Camp Disappointment, the furthest point north traveled by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Some of the landscape in the area of the monument.

A short story about the Blackfeet Nation.

The Rockies coming into view!

Getting close to Glacier National Park.

The Glacier National Park Visitor Center on the east edge of the park.

An informational panel as I drive the Going-to-the-Sun Highway.

Many beautiful views were available along the highway.

The shrinking glacier situation.

A glacier off in the distance.

There are so many scenic views to witness.

After stopping at the Logan Pass Visitor Center, I took the Hidden Lake Nature Trail that lead to more beautiful scenery.

As seen in this and the next two pictures, many lakes can be seen throughout the park.

It was great to have such a sunny day!

A close-up view of the lake in the previous picture.

People can be seen at the top of the ridge looking at mountain sheep on the other side.

This picture gives a perspective of the cliff size.

A small creek lined with pretty flowers.

Water can be seen weeping down the rock face creating the small creek.

I really enjoyed the scenery of this hike.

The trail, leading back to the visitor center.

An interesting "peak" on top of the mountain.

Another view before returning to the visitor center.

My visit to Logan Pass!

A view of the Going-to-the-Sun Highway.  The scenery is incredible!

This plaque describes the John F. Stevens Memorial seen in the next picture.

The John F. Stevens memorial.




Routes traveled today: US 2 - 89 - Going to the Sun Road - 2 - 49

Hotel: Mountain Pine Motel -


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