Friday, August 10, 2001

Hello from Williston, North Dakota

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Another great day of traveling!  Stories to tell, but will not be able to update tonight.  Please check back soon.  Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience.

One thing of importance to report...I am heading towards Alaska this weekend, and will complete my tour of the area upon my return.


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My first in depth exposure to the Lewis and Clark expedition began in this area.  I did not realize it at the time, but I was to cross their path on many occasions as I traveled.

This is a recreation of Fort Mandan, where the Lewis and Clark expedition wintered in 1804 - 1805.

The historical foundation that runs this fort and an interpretive area nearby also has people in period costume to explain the history.  This gentleman played the part of Sergeant John Ordway.

The interior of the fort.

The exterior of the fort.

This is the Missouri River.

A visit to the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site provided information and a tour of earthlodge used by the Northern Plains Indians.

Visiting this area also took me into the Mountain Time Zone, my eighth time zone crossing!

An exterior view of the earthlodge.

A self interpretive trail led through the site, providing more information about the living conditions.  This panel describes the remnants of an earthlodge village.

This picture is of the location mentioned in the previous frame.

A panel discussing the disappearing village site.

The Knife River.

Another view of the Knife River.

Fishing techniques used by the villagers.

One more view of the earthlodge, this time from the back.

The entrance sign to the site.

This is the Visitor Center for the site.

This is the location of the time zone change.  This is also the location of my earlier time change.  Crossing back into the Central time zone makes for my ninth time zone crossing.

Found along the road...This farmer was having fun with his bales!

I continued seeing very pretty scenery everywhere I looked!

This signs describes the Battle of Killdeer Mountains.

Looking towards the battle site.

My first view of the badlands of North Dakota!

This is a close up of the plaque in the next picture.

Part of the "Lost Bridge."

This was a neat road on which to drive!

Looking along the road in the opposite direction.  More pretty scenery!

My car parked at  a pull-off, where the previous four pictures were taken.

Along the road to Williston, I stopped at the Ragged Butte Spring.

This is a better look at the sign above the spring in the previous picture.


Again, sorry I did not have this page ready tonight.  Thanks though, for visiting, and I will take care of this soon!


Routes traveled today: US 83 - ND 200A - ND 200 - ND 22 - ND 73 - ND 23 0 US 85

Hotel: El Ranch Motor Hotel -


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