Monday, August 6, 2001

Hello from Bemidji, Minnesota

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A panel discussing the lumber mills in the Virginia Minnesota.

The lake in town had a very large manmade loon, over twenty feet long, in the middle!

This sculpture is described in the next picture.

The story of "The Sawyer."

My next stop was Chisholm Minnesota, and the Ironworld Discovery Center, a wonderful heritage museum!  The picture shows a reclaimed mine pit.

I took a trail in the area and saw this pretty butterfly.

A description of Glen Location, a mining town that has been reconstructed.

This museum had people in period costume, acting the part.  I was fortunate to meet Constance, being the woman of the home.  I interrupted her from pulling weeds in the garden.  She was very good in her demonstration of how women lived in that time.

This is the house where Constance was "living."

Along a trail I walked were many examples of machinery used to mine the area.

A small train takes the visitor to different parts of the museum.  This is an example of a turntable used for the train.

A pump station for the mine.

In one of the many buildings onsite, a performance of Norwegian music was played by this group of musicians.  The lady on the left playing the accordion happened to be the daughter of Constance!  There were many demonstrations of displays of other artifacts throughout the museum.

This was part of the Sami camp set up to display their way of life.  This helps to demonstrate the Scandinavian indigenous culture.  The lady inside the hut was Lauren, and had much interesting information about the Samis.

There was a lake in the museum with bright flowers bordering.

This is a view of the Sami hut from the back.

An old settler's cabin.

I met Carol Lind, who was demonstrating how to spin yarn without a spinning wheel, using a spinning top-like piece of wood.

A discussion of another building.

They also had an Indian Encampment.  Here is a picture of a wigwam.

This is an informative plaque for the following pictures.

Outside and across the road from Ironworld was this very large sculpture honoring the miners. The Chisholm Chamber of Commerce website has a link to some very interesting pictures showing how the statue was moved from where it was built, to its current location!

A closer look at the sculpture.




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