Sunday, August 5, 2001

Hello from Virginia, Minnesota!

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A panel for the Superior National Forest.

A look back into Grand Marais.

The cabin owner from last evening suggested I take a drive along the Gunflint Trail.  It was a beautiful drive into the north woods of Minnesota.

A scene along the road.

This panel describes the big wind experienced in the are on July 4, 1999.  The amount of damage was incredible, with so many trees blown to the ground.

Another description of the blow.

Description of the geology of Good Bay Harbor.

Interesting view of the cliff face, as described on the previous panel.

A granite cross in honor of a previous visit and safe landing by Father Baraga.


This panel describes the reason for the cross in the previous picture.

Beside the bubbles and foam, there were many little white specs in the water.

 A boat launch near the location of the cross.

I stopped to see this pretty waterfall along the road.

Another view of the falls.

These falls go for a long distance, and under the highway.

My next stop was at Soudan Mine.  At the base of this tower are the cars we used to travel down to level 27, just as miners did.

Refitted ore carts took us further into the mine.  We wound up being a half a mile down, and three-quarter mile drift.

When the mines closed down, many people lost jobs.  However, many of them became tour guides, such as ours.  It is very informative to talk with someone who spent many years in these mines.


A sign where we exited the lift.

The lift cars stop behind this fence.

This panel tells a quick history of the mines.

The lift cars are still run by the operator in the left of the picture, as it was done many years ago.

This is a motor that runs the large wheel that spools up or releases cable to move the cars.

The entrance sign to the mine area.  By the way, when I was in the area of the mine, my car compass was reacting to the ore!

Another building onsite of Soudan Mine.

I stopped in the town of Tower to see displays set up in a town park.

This monument was erected in honor of President William McKinley.

A old locomotive was located in the park in Tower.

A historical marker describing the Old Vermilion Trail.



Routes traveled today: US 61 - CR 12 - US 61 - Mn 1 - US 169

Lodging: Lakeshor Motor Inn -

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