Friday, August 3, 2001

Hello from Duluth, Minnesota!

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Start odometer: 5072

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An explanation of an old stockade site on Baker's Island, on the west edge of Superior, Wisconson.


The SS Meteor, a whaleback freighter.

I took several shots of this ship, as I had never seen a whaleback prior to today.

I took a very interesting tour of the ship.

Barker's Island, where the SS Meteor was located, also had this dredge.

The upper deck of the ship.

Crew quarters onboard.

The mess.

A partial view of the engine.

Engine gauges.

The area where the ore was stored.

A final look at the bow.

A statue on the island.

Another view of the dredge on Baker's Island.

This old ship was parked along the island.

The aft of the ship.

Minnesota, my ninth state!

In Duluth, Minnesota, there are two ships set up as museums.  The William A. Irvin, a retired 610' 'Ore Boat' that sailed for U.S. Steel from 1938 to 1978, and the Lake Superior Tugboat.

I took a wonderful tour of both boats.  First was on the Irvin, where we were taken through this dining area.

The turbine engines that power the ship.

The ship's generators.

The passenger dining area.

The passengers had very nice accommodations.  Also, the mirrors had a slight pink tint to them.  This helped the possibly seasick patrons to not look as "green" as they might normally appear.

Another view of the room.

This was the Captain's desk.

The ship was docked next to this Omnimax movie theatre.  My car is near the middle, on this side of the RV.

These panels along the top of the ship would be removed to allow for the ore to be loaded.

The bridge.

Our tour guide.

The belly of the ship, where the ore was stored.

This is a pedestrian drawbridge!

My next stop was a self guided tour of the tugboat Lake Superior.  This panel describes the engine room.

The engine of the Lake Superior.

The bridge.

The city has done a nice job of making this a great place to visit.  After passing over the pedestrian drawbridge, I passed under this massive lift bridge.

After a visit to the wonderful Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, run by the US Army Corps of Engineers, I awaited for a large tanker to travel through the channel that passes by this area.

It was interesting to see how many people lined up along the entrance channel.

It was also neat to see this ship arrive!

The bow of the Algosoo.  From their website...The Algosoo was the last traditional styled laker (straight-decker or self-unloader) built on the Great Lakes.

The ship was 730 feet long!

The ship passing under the lift bridge.

The bridge now lowered to its regular level.




Routes traveled today: US 2 - 35 - 61

Lodging: Shorecrest Supper Club and Motel -

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