Thursday, August 2, 2001

Hello from Superior, Wisconsin!

Start time: 0825

Start odometer: 4977

Weather: Mostly sunny




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From the town of Bayfield Wisconsin, I took the ferry to Madeline Island.  I left my car behind.

Boats in Bayfield.

Madeline Island from the boat.

Another view from the boat.

An old ferry park at the pier on the island.

Another official marker about Madeline Island.

I took a guided group tour of the island, which led to many beautiful areas of the island.

Another view of the shore.

Water-sculpted rocks.

Fort La Pointe, now a museum, on the island.

The main street on Madeline Island.

The Beach Club.

One last look at the island.

We passed this sailboat on our way back to the mainland.

Back to Bayfield, Wisconsin.

A street in Bayfield.

My next visit, the Apostle Islands Visitor Center.

This is the story of the ship that used the anchor in the next picture.

A Wisconsin official marker describing the tragedy of the Siskiwit.

Another marker, discussing the first tax-free school district in Wisconsin.




Routes traveled today: WI 13 - US 2

Lodging: Super 8 -

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