Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Hello from Washburn, Wisconsin!

Start time: 0735

Start odometer: 4711

Weather: Rain




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The next morning was wet, but I still stopped to read informative signs.

A small waterfall alongside of the road.

Breakfast at the Harbor Town Cafe in Ontonagon, Michigan.

During my visit to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Michigan, I stopped at this mining cave along the road.

I could only go in a few dozen feet.  There was quite a bit of water coming out of the mine.

A hike to an overlook provided the following two pictures, with this panel describing what can be seen from this point.

Lake of the Clouds.

Looking southwest from the viewpoint.

Summit Peak Tower Trail leads to this tower at the highest point in the park, 1958 feet.

What can be seen from the tower.

Very pretty views can be observed in all directions.

There were many nice waterfalls throughout the park.

Another view of the river.

Though no sign was posted, this is where I enter the Central Time Zone, my seventh time zone crossing!

Another river near the road.

Another view of the river, leading into Lake Superior.

Several interesting footbridges were provided.

Entering Wisconsin, my eighth state!

Wisconsin had many official markers along the roadside.  This one mentions iron mining in the region.

This sign discusses the Gogebic Iron Range.

The countryside in the iron range.

A marker about the Bad River.

A panel about Madeline Island, which I will visit tomorrow.

A memorial park in Washburn, Wisconsin.

This plaque discusses the monolith in the next frame.

The Washburn Monolith.

The Time Out Restaurant, where I had dinner and breakfast.

An old bank building in Washburn.

The entrance to the pier in Washburn.




Routes traveled today: 26 - US 41 - M203 - 41 - 26 - M38 - 45 - 64 - 107 - South Boundary Road - 519 - 25 - 2 - 13

Lodging: Redwood Motel -

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