Monday, July 30, 2001

Hello from Marquette, Michigan!

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Breakfast at the West Bay Diner!

Entrance to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

I took the first opportunity in the park for a hike, which led me to Sable Falls.

Another view of Sable Falls.

This is the condition of the road through the majority of the park.

This is a look at the log slide, used during logging operations before the park was created.  Lake Superior is in the background.

Should you decide to hike down the slide, the Park Service provides this informational panel.

Another panel at the log slide.

A nice mile hike leads you along Lake Superior to the Au Sable Lighthouse.

Tours were conducted at the lighthouse.  Ranger Gene Wilkins started this very interesting and informative tour.

Entering the front door of the lighthouse led you to this room.

Another look inside, down a hallway towards the light.  Reconstruction is still in progress.

A view from the lighthouse balcony, looking west.

The second part of the tour, taking the group up to the beacon, was lead by Ranger David Kronk.

Looking east, some support buildings can be seen below.  The sand cliffs in the distance were impressive.

The light.

A view of the light looking towards the west.

Viewing the cliffs to the east from ground level.

One final look at the building I toured.

The trail back to the car.

Along the trail, you could see remnants of old ships in the sand.

A closer look at a ship.

It was interesting to see this ship on the shore.

The outline of another ship can be seen under the water.

My next stop was Miners Castle, an interesting rock formation.

A closer look at the rocks.

A trail led very near to the location of the formation.

Another look at the rock.

From the same area as the previous picture, looking at the dramatic cliffs to the west.

In the western area of the park, I hiked to beautiful Munising Falls.

A view further back.

The trail leading to another view.

One more picture of the falls, from a different angle.



Routes traveled today: H58 - 28

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