Sunday, July 29, 2001

Hello from Grand Marais, Michigan!

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Start odometer: 4234

Weather: Cloudy most if the day, and warm.




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The Mackinac Bridge from the south.

Michigan historic marker.

Not much of Emerson remains.

Start of a wonderful visit to the Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point.  On display here is an old diving suit.

There were many displays with the stories and remnants of great lake ship tragedies.

The bell retrieved from the sunken 730 foot long Edmund Fitzgerald.  This bell is rung 29 times on November 10, the anniversary of the loss (1974.)

The bell and rather large anchor from another shipwreck.

This was one of the most interesting museums I visited, with many educational displays.

Display of a lighthouse and fresnal lens.

One more look at the Edmund Fitzgerald display.

The museum entrance.

The lighthouse at Whitefish Point.  The tour inside the building was interesting.

This display describes the next picture of...

...A rudder and tiller from the M. M. Drake.

Formerly a pier at Whitefish Point.

Many interesting shapes of wood washed up on shore.

The lighthouse from the shore.

An ore ship passing east to west.

This is Sandy, a very informative docent at the museum.

My next stop, the waterfalls on Tahquamenon River.

An information board describing the river.

Another waterfall along the river.

Same as previous falls, from a slightly different angle.

This is the view from my room in Grand Marais.


Routes traveled today: 23 - Mackinaw Bridge - B75 - Mackinaw Trail - 123 - 28 - 77

Lodging: Voyageur's Motel -

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