Thursday, July 26, 2001

Hello from Sturgis, Michigan!

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I had an enjoyable day that began by learning about space flight and finished with a visit to the home of a famous author from the first quarter of the twentieth century.  

A mixture of sun and clouds, with slightly cooler temperatures, provided a pretty backdrop to the many farms and serene scenes I passed during my drive today.  I departed Bellefontaine around 9:10 and drove into town to get some pictures of the town. 




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Historical marker indicating the oldest concrete street in America.

A view of the street.

A plaque describing the history of the street and statue.

Bellefontaine City Hall

A close up of the top of the building.

In front of the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta Ohio is an F5 flown by Neil Armstrong.

Plaque describing the aircraft in the previous picture.

The entrance to the museum.

Another view of the entrance.

A Gemini capsule.

A view of the capsule.

Looking in the capsule again.

Neil's spacesuit.

The Plain Dealer front page from the day of the moonwalk.

A moonrock!


From Judith Resnick, who flew on the final Challenger mission.

Fort Amanda in northwest Ohio.

A memorial in Fort Amanda.

A plaque on the memorial.

A plaque showing the fort as it looked in 1812.

I met Marvin, who with his wife Mildred, was bird watching in the fort area.

An interesting tombstone in a cemetery near Fort Amanda.

History of the fort.

Entering Indiana, returning to my seventh state.

Driving along the back road, I found the Gene Stratton -Porter State Historical Site.

The author's burial site.

A garden, part of the site

Gene Stratton-Porter house front porch.

The property is on this beautiful lake.

A look back at the house from the lake.

The entrance to the park.

A historical sign along the road for Sylvan Lake.

Driving into Michigan, my tenth state!



Routes traveled today: 47 - 33 - 198 - 117 - 127 - 30 - Local Ft. Wayne Roads - 30 - 3 - 6 - 9 - 66

Lodging: Knights Inn -

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