Monday, July 23, 2001

Hello from North Canton, Ohio!

Start time: 0940

Start odometer: 3147

Weather: Sunny and hot!




Spent the day getting to Canton, Ohio, where I was born and raised!


My Nephew Greg and I packed up our tents and headed out to a local restaurant for breakfast.  Greg had enough time to eat before having to head back to the airport for his flight home to Atlanta.  Again, Thank you Greg for a great time at the race and camping!


We were up a bit late last night and got up early.  The previous night I did not get much sleep looking around for a hotel.  I was very tired, and even stopped for a nap on the way to Canton!  It was too hot to stop for long.  It was also interesting to try to get there on back roads!


I finally got to my old house and got to see my Mom!  s I stated prior, it was hot, so I had my Mom stay at the hotel so she could take advantage of the air conditioning!  It was good to be here and see her!



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One last look at the speedway before departing the campsite.

Entering Ohio, my eighth state!

The home in Canton Ohio where I was raised.

The building with the aqua roof is where I worked for ten years.

The street where I grew up, with the large tree on the left being in my front yard.




Routes traveled today: 12 - 52 - Alt 20 - 20A - 20 - 6 - 20 - 18 - Local roads

Lodging: Motel 6

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