Sunday, July 22, 2001

Hello from Michigan International Speedway Campground!

Start time: Did not travel

Start odometer:

Weather: Sunny and hot!




Had a great day at the race and camping with with my Nephew Greg Zschunke! 


After a short and expensive night at the hotel, I was able to get a call to my nephew!  I found my way down to the campground where he was staying, and we went to see my first CART race!  It really enjoyed the whole experience and it was amazing how fast the cars travelled.  The first and second place cars kept swapping positions around the track until towards the end, they took each other out!  They were teammates to boot!  I was so glad I went, and it was great to spend the time with Greg.


I was going to get a hotel that night as I was dealing with a cold, but Greg convinced me to camp with him.  We drove into town for dinner and so I could get some cold medicine.  After returning to the campground, we walked around and did some night sky observations.  It was a very nice day.  Thank you Greg!



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My nephew Greg at the campground.

Michigan International Speedway.

Another view of the opening ceremonies.

The podium with the race winner, Patrick Carpentier!

My nephew again.

One last grandstand shot of MIS.


Routes traveled today: N/A

Lodging: Juniper Hills Campground -

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