Saturday, July 21, 2001

Hello from Albion, Michigan!

Start time: 0655

Start odometer: 2325

Weather: Mostly sunny




Heading to the Michigan International Speedway to see my first CART race! Will be meeting my Nephew Sunday.  Trying to get across New York and Canada on the back roads was not easy, and left Connecticut later than planned.  Made for a very late night stop at an overpriced motel and not much sleep!  Still, another great drive!


Not many pictures, as I was trying to get to Michigan.  Tomorrow will be fun!



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My sixth state!

I found this to be an interesting building.

A close-up of the sculpture above the entrance.

Entrance into Ontario, my third Canadian Province.

One more welcome sign for Ontario.




Routes traveled today: 25 - 7 - 55 - 22 - 343 - 82 - 19 - 9G - 199 - 32 - 9W - 212 - 28 - 23 - 16 - 13 - 91

Lodging: Days Inn -

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