Sunday, July 15, 2001

Hello from Barre, Vermont!

Start time: 0715

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Before departing Bangor, I took a drive to see Stephen King's house.

Another view of the house.  This is also the street where I saw Mr. King taking a walk.

This old house was converted to a restaurant back in the early 1980s. 

I stopped in the town of Rumford,  Maine to visit this park and waterfall.

Pat of the dam system describe in the previous panel.

A view of the power plant.

Rumford is also the birthplace of Edmund Muskie.

A closed, but pretty, covered bridge in Maine.

Many moose warnings along the road.

Entering the second state of my journey.

A state marker indicating the entering of the Lake Coos and Presidential Range.

My third state.

Historical marker describing this as the location of the first platform scale.

I stopped by The American Society of Dowsers Inc. headquarters in Danville, Vermont.

Behind the Dowsers building is a labyrinth.

Since Peacham Vermont was just down the road, I decided to visit one of my favorite Vermont towns!

The Peacham Store, also a bed and breakfast.  This building was used in several films.

This picture shows my car in front of the Peacham Library, with its new addition.

A church in Peacham.

Ashbel Goodenough Blacksmith Shop, also in Peacham.

A barn in town.  The "Jos. P. Cole" was painted on the building for the movie Ethan Frome.

Routes traveled today: US 2 - Peacham Road - Danville Road - VT 14


Lodging: The Hollow Inn and Motel -


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Hotel: Best Western El Ranch

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