Saturday, July 14, 2001

Hello from Bangor, Maine

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This statue was used in a television show filmed here in Eastport, ME. In the show, the town was called Sunrise!

Another view of the statue used in the reality TV show Murder in Smalltown X. (Note: The winner of this show was Angel Juarbe Jr., a NY firefighter, killed in the WTC on 9/11)

Looking north along Main Street, Eastport.

This building was used as a main gathering point during the taping.

This the the Cannery, the restaurant where I had dinner the previous evening.

The East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island.

This rock area is covered with ten to twenty feet of water at high tide!

Another view of the lighthouse.

These rails were used to transport supplies to the lighthouse.

Inside a storage shed where the tracks led, with an old cart inside.

Railing damaged by the tides.

Though it was foggy, there were many interesting sights to see.

Boats at low tide.

A "former" boat!

Another boat awaiting high tide.

A path leading to the summer cottage of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on Campobello Island.

Another look at the cottage.

This view is from the coast, looking back at the cottage.

Looking towards Lubec, Maine

The island had some very pretty trails for hiking.

There are several other summer cottages on the park site used for conferences and retreats. Notice the oval window.

From inside the cottage, looking out of the oval window. It was an incredible room with quite a view.

The gardening and landscaping were very pretty.

One more look at the cottage, from the front,

Danny, one of the landscapers of the park property.

The New Brunswick coast, along a trail to the Sunsweep sculpture.

A small bay near the trail.

The first Sunsweep sculpture. I did not realize at the time that I would visit all three across the nation!

Another view.

This is the plaque at the base.

A lighthouse located on the west end of Campobello Island.

The plaque on the Mulholland Point Lighthouse.

FDR Memorial Bridge, with Canada on the left, and the United States on the right.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

I hiked down to the water for this shot back to the lighthouse.

Rocks along the coast to the right of the previous picture.

A close up look at the lighthouse.

This is as far east as someone can walk in the continental United States.

Routes traveled today: Me 190 - US 1 - Me 189 - New Brunswick 774 - Me 189 - US 1 - Me 191 - Love Lake Road - Me 9 - US 2

Lodging: Main Street Inn -

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